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Panasonic’s MIR series of Cooled Incubators

Thursday 6th March, 2014

Panasonic’s MIR series of Cooled Incubators

Panasonic’s MIR series of Cooled Incubators / refrigerated Incubators / cooling incubators are recognized as exceptional laboratory incubators specifically designed for a wide range of incubation and test applications. Try this Cooled Incubator for your Drosophila incubation, BOD testing or for crystallography. The MIR-254 and 554 cooled incubators could suit your crystallography applications since the refrigeration system can be isolated from the incubator chassis to reduce vibration.

Cooled Incubator | Refrigerated Incubator - Temperature and programming

Each model of MIR cooled Incubator has a wide temperature range from -100C to +600C. MIR Cooled Incubators can be operated at a single user-defined temperature and can also be programmed with up to 12 different temperature stems with lighting being programmed as either on or off using the optional lighting kit. These Cooled Incubators also feature a programmed memory backup system. Should the power source be interrupted due to power failure or other event, programmed data remains stored in the memory. When the power source is restored, operation can be continued according to the predetermined program. Your experiment therefore resumes under the same predetermined program even when interrupted by a temporary lack of power from the power source

Cooled Incubator - Reduces culture media drying out

When using “vented” culture vessels / culture plates, the new range of MIR Cooled Incubators reduce the amount the cultures dry out because of the new fan circulation design. The MIR 154 and 254 refrigerated incubators feature the new oblique fan design which in conjunction with the new air plenum design reduces the airflow across the samples. Thus reducing the amount cultures could dry out, whilst still maintaining good temperature distribution throughout the incubation chamber.

The refrigerated incubators incorporate an extensive temperature prevention circuit that protects experimentation materials in the rare event that a temperature abnormality may occur. This system turns off the heater and chamber fan motor when too high a temperature is detected. The compressor is also turned off when too low a temperature is detected

Cooled Incubator | Refrigerated Incubator- Features

The New MIR-154, 254 and 554 Cooled Incubators feature the following (further information is available)

•A New LCD Controller with 12 steps, 10 programs.

•P.I.D Temperature Control of the heaters

•Temperature selection from -10C to +60C

•On- Board data storage (previous 2 weeks).

•Single Lamp Chamber Lighting.

•Programmable 4 lamp Chamber Lighting as an optional kit.

•Design reduces the level of media drying.

•Tamper-proof Controls

•Automatic setting Temperature Alarms

•Stackable (MIR-154 only).

Available through P&R Labpak Limited.  Request your quote now.

Download eghm3Panasonic_Cooled_Incubators_MIR-154_254_554.pdf


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