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Hitachi - UH5300 double beam spectrophotometer

Tuesday 26th November, 2013

Hitachi - UH5300 double beam spectrophotometer

Providing “best in class” levels of performance and unprecedented control via iPad*

Hitachi has achieved the “best in class” performance spectrophotometer using a combined xenon flash lamp and stable double beam optical system. This level of performance produces highly accurate data. Remote control by an iPad and WiFi is unique for a double beam spectrophotometer. Easy and intuitive handling within the browser environment.

* iPad is a registered trademark or trademark of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and other countries.

Description                                                              Cat.No.                Price

UH5300 UV/Vis spectrophotometer                     634-0797E             £8,800.00

Electronic thermostatted cell holder                   634-0576E             £14,780.00

4 position rectangular long patch cell holder     634-0054E             £2,530.00

Rectangular long patch cell holder                      634-0055E            £557.00

Glass filter holder                                                  634-0057E            £431.00

Film holder                                                             634-0060E             £399.00

Polariser holder (polarisation filter required)     634-0063E             £6,180.00

Auto sipper                                                             634-0798E            £2,630.00

Water circulated cell holder with stirrer              634-0799E            £2,250.00

Single cell holder                                                   634-0800E            £410.00

Holder base                                                            634-0801E            £299.00

VALID UNTIL: 31/12/2013

Download the brochure below for more information.

Download yencVhitachi_doublebeam_spectrophotometer.pdf


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